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Egg Nog Soap - Passion Moon Potions - 1
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Egg Nog Soap
Egg Nog Soap

Egg Nog Soap

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Egg Nog Soap is the perfect way to get clean and festive this holiday season! 
This soap is perfect for winter! It's made real egg nog scent, so it smells just like the holidays. Plus, it's loaded with nourishing ingredients like olive oil and coconut oil to keep your skin super soft 

  • *Egg nog soap contains natural ingredients that nourish and moisture the skin
  • *This soap is gentle enough for everyday use and leaves skin feeling refreshed
  • *The rich, creamy lather of egg nog soap provides a luxurious bathing experience

Egg Nog Soap has a delightful, sweet, creamy scent with hints of nutmeg and rum!

This soap is blended with coconut, palm and safflower oil.

Each soap weighs about 3.5oz. Made in small batches with lots of Aloha!