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Eucalyptus Soap - Passion Moon Potions

Eucalyptus Soap

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Treat your skin with the refreshingly clean scent of Eucalyptus Soap! 
This Eucalyptus Soap is a great way to give your skin the refreshing, invigorating cleanse it deserves. Made with all natural ingredients and fragranced with eucalyptus oil for an earthy scent, this soap will have you feeling refreshed in no time! Plus, its gentle on sensitive skin too - perfect for those who want to keep their complexion looking healthy and radiant 

  • Moisturizing: Eucalyptus soap helps soften and condition the skin by helping to lock in moisture
  • 4 All Natural Ingredients: This eco-friendly product uses natural ingredients like coconut oil and glycerine 

Eucalyptus Soap has a minty, fresh scent that’s familiar to most of us. Eucalyptus stimulates circulation, warms the body, and is known to keep colds at bay. It relieves sinus congestion, treats aches and pains, and works as an antiseptic.

This soap is blended with coconut, palm and safflower oil.
Each soap weighs 3.5oz. Made in small batches with lots of Aloha!