Sweet Potato Haupia Soap

Passion Moon Potions

$ 5.00
Unless your familiar with Haupia, your probably wondering "What is that?".

Haupia is eaten widely in Hawaii. It's a pudding made from coconut milk and added cornstarch to thicken it. It's absolutely amazing! I highly recommend it!
This also has a layer of purple sweet potato. Another very popular local style treat! Sweet Potato haupia pie. So I give you a soap version! 

This soap is blended coconut, palm and safflower oils. 
Smells just like Sweet Potato Haupia (coconut Pudding). So tempting to take a bite! Please don't though.

This soap is blended with coconut, palm and safflower oil.
Each soap weighs about 4oz. Made in small batches with lots of Aloha!

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