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Women's Belly Butter - Passion Moon Potions - 1
Women's Belly Butter - Passion Moon Potions - 2

Women's Belly Butter

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This butter has been formulated with high quality oils known for adding elasticity to the skin especially as your belly and breasts grow. 
This butter can be used through your whole pregnancy and continued to be used after. 

Apply daily, may seem greasy at first but will soak in over time. Will soften and hydrate skin, to avoid stretch marks.
A little goes a long way! 

This Belly Butter has a lovely nutty vanilla scent. I make these fresh to order, in small batches always with Aloha. 
  • Materials: Cocoa butter, Sesame oil, avocado oil, Calendula oil, Plantain Oil, Rose hip oil, Vit E, Beeswax, Vanilla Extract,  Aloha